Richest Countries Of Asia With Highest GDP

The top ten 10 countries with highest GDP are enlisted here. These nations are the richest or wealthiest in Asia with respect to Gross Domestic Product.
China is richest country in Asia having nominl GDP of 8.8 trillion dollars when measured on Purchasing Power Parity. GDP per capita of china is $ 6,100. Since economic liberalization which began in 1978, the PRC’s investment- and export-led economy has grown 70 times bigger and is the fastest growing major economy in the world.
Japan is the second richest country of Asia. GDP (PPP) of Japan is $ 5 trillion and GDP (Per capita) is $ 32,600. Japan is the world’s fourth largest exporter and fifth largest importer. Japan owns 11 top Companies in the world out of top 100.
India is the third richest country in Asia having $ 3.548 trillion GDP compared on Purchasing Power Parity. GDP per capita of India is $ 3, 1000 with growing population. India is the third wealthiest nation of Asia having a fastest growing economy which is progressing at a rate of 7% per year.
Russia is the fourth richest country of Asia having $ 2.103 trillion GDP (Purchasing Power parity) in her account. Russia mostly earns her revenue from Oil, Gas, Timber and Metals and these exports account for 80% of her exports. Russia has sixth largest economy in the world while fourth largest in Asia.
South Korea GDP slowed to 2.2% in 2008 and declined 0.8% in 2009. Now its GDP (PPP) is 1.343 trillion whereas GDP per capita is $ 27,700. South Korea is a technological giant in the world. South Korea has the most skilled labor and technology oriented exports. It is the eight largest exporter in the world.
Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia. Indonesia’s estimated GDP (PPP) for 2009 was $ 968.5 billion while GDP per capita is $ 4,000. Major economic sectors are Services Sector (45.3% of GDP), Industrial Sector (40.7%) and Agricultural Sector (14.0%).
Iran is seventh richest country of Asia having $ 876 billion GDP (Purchasing power parity) while GDP per capita of Iran is $ 12,900. Despite of UN sanctions of Iran due to Iran’s allaged nuclear programe, Iran economy is progressing on stable grounds.
Turkey:- GDP (Purchasing power parity) of Turkey is $861.6 billion while GDP per capita is $ 11,200 and population is 76,805,524. So Turkey is the eigth wealthiest state in the world. Turkey is popular for her fruit export and tourism.
Taiwan is ninth richest country of Asia having $ 693.3 billion GDP (PPP) in her account. Taiwan is among the smallest countries of Asia and it is one of the industrialized developed countries known as the “Four Asian Tigers”.
Saudi Arabia is tenth richest country of Asia having $ 581.3 billion GDP (PPP) in her account. Saudi Arabia’s population is 28,686,633 with $ 20,300 GDP per capita. The major product of Saudi Arabia is “Black Gold” or oil which accounts for 90% of her revenue. She is one of the largest exporters in the world.

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